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BT Reseller Resources

The CommsFM BT Reseller Team makes it easy for our Resellers to understand the BT proposition by offering an in-depth induction to the BT Reseller Programme. This includes an overview of the portfolio, training on selling and ordering BT products, as well as guidance on accessing marketing material and the use of the BT brand.

CommsFM has worked with Resellers from a wide variety of industries and we are happy to be as involved in your client discussions as you would like us to be. We understand that telecoms experience can vary between our Resellers and we’re there to offer as much, or as little support as our Resellers require, whether you want us to join you on customer calls and meetings, or would rather your customers are unaware of our involvement.

We have access to experienced BT Specialists and can arrange for them to support you on opportunities, where required. Our resellers continue to maintain the relationship with their customers but have access to a comprehensive support network to ensure that they have access to all the information required. 

If you’d rather we manage the sale directly with your client, then we’ll be happy to do that too. You’ll still earn commissions for introducing us to the client.

Whilst we do our best to cover every eventuality, product training can’t address every possible opportunity or problem that you may encounter with a client. That’s where CommsFM really adds value to your business and the relationships that you have with your customers.

The CommsFM Team are ISO accredited and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to BT, with many members of our team having worked directly for BT earlier in their careers, so having strong experience in placing orders and using BT Systems.

Interested in finding out more about the opportunity? Call us on 0800 046 3823, email us at btsales@commsfm.com or chat to us @BTReseller

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