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Data and Internet Connections

There was a time when the only reason a business would want to purchase an internet connection was to provide email access to their staff....and the only companies that could afford a data network were the big blue chips or government agencies. 

In recent years, the demand for data and internet services as a platform to host IP based voice services has forced a drastic reduction in headline costs – from simple broadband services through to international Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks.

BT has one of the most robust internet and data portfolios on the market – and as a BT Reseller, it’s all available to you!

Don’t worry if this isn’t your area of speciality –  BT Resellers can call on the expertise of the CommsFM team to help qualify the opportunity and deliver the sale.

Confused by Broadband Jargon? Download our guide to make Broadband Jargon Simple!

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