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Why should you sell BT Fibre broadband?

Easy: businesses work better with fibre broadband. Fibre broadband delivers faster speeds & your customer will have peace of mind with up to 99.9% network reliability.


  • Improves customer service – 77% of fibre customer said fibre delivers a better customer experience.
  • Cuts costs – 74% have seen their IT costs fall due to fibre.
  • Improves products and services – 66% believe fibre broadband has improved the quality of their products and services for customers.
  • Work faster – 73% of fibre customer said their employees now work faster with fibre broadband.
  • Less need to travel – 76% spend less time and money travelling thanks to the improved quality of video conferencing through fibre broadband.

Is Fibre in my customers' area?

Easy, Tags on the Line can tell you if fibre is available in your customer’s area, all you need is a phone number!

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